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This is a great project.  As much as possible needs to be done to encourage people to use buses.

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get on board is a promotional initiative to encourage people living and working in Milton Keynes to get on board the bus more often.  It is funded by the Department for Transport Better Bus Area fund. More information can be found under About.


We are working to deliver bus infrastructure improvements within Milton Keynes.  These improvements include:


Real Time Passenger Information

Milton Keynes Council, working with bus company Arriva The Shires and Nimbus Journey Information have completed the upgrade of the realtime bus information system in Milton Keynes.  Real time bus information is now available on the web using NIMBUS journey information and on the free “Get on Board” app which is now available from the Google Play store (search for “Get on Board MK”).

New Station Square style bus totems within Central Milton Keynes

These totems will make it easier to find which stop you need for particular bus services, and which buses can be used to get to Milton Keynes Central Railway Station. These totems will be provided in locations such as at the main shopping centre entrances close to The Point and The Food Centre bus stops.


A New Bus Shelter for Bletchley

A brand new modern bus shelter for Bletchley Bus Station is planned, providing a more attractive structure, with good visibility though the shelter to make users feel more comfortable, safe and secure. In addition, work is underway to reconfigure the bus stops to ensure that level access is provided to the buses.  This will make boarding the bus easier and quicker, and be particularly beneficial for those with pushchairs and for wheelchair users.

Lighting Improvements

We aim to improve street lighting around Bletchley Bus Station, to enhance the feeling of security in this area.

Signage Improvements

Signage improvements are planned at Bletchley, Milton Keynes Hospital, and around selected estates.  This improved signage aims to make the correct bus stop easier to find.  If the signage within these estates proves successful it could be rolled out to other areas of MK.

Improved Footpath Links to Bus Stops

New sections of footpath are proposed in selected estates, which aim to shorten the pedestrian routes to grid road bus stops.  As with signage, this process could be rolled out to other areas of MK.

Information Boards

New information boards are planned for selected estates and at MK Hospital, to show where bus stops are located and to assist pedestrians to find their way around .



AccessAdvisr is a website which provides ease-of-access information for popular destinations such as shops and council buildings, as well as for key transport locations (e.g. bus stops and rail stations). It has been designed with people with impaired mobility in mind but it is also a useful tool for anyone arranging trips into and around Milton Keynes.


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Bus Totem

Bus Information Totems at Station Square


Bus Information Boards

Example of Information Boards at Station Square